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" beginning right now. ♪ good evening, everyone. i'm larry kudlow. this is "the kudlow report." we are live here at 7:00 p.m. eastern, 4:00 p.m. pacific. we have three developing stories for you right at the top of the show. first let's go to arizona, where everyone is waiting for arizona governor jan brewer to sign or veto a controversial sexual orientation discrimination bill. nbc news' jay gray is live in phoenix for us this evening. good evening, jay. i hear there's some movement going on. >> reporter: there is, larry. good evening. we are now learning within the next 45 minutes arizona governor jan brewer will come out and speak about her decision, what she has decided to so with sb-1062. a lot of people have said this is a controversial bill that would allow businesses to not serve people based on their sexual preference or anything else for that matter, and there have been a lot of businesses stepping to the plate saying something's got to be done, including the nfl with a super bowl schedule to be here next year. the nfl has said, look, we're considering everything as this bills con
evening, i'm larry kudlow. this is the "kudlow report." we're live at p.m. eastern and 4:00 p.m. pacific. it was the best day of the year for the dow. markets in rally mode as ukraine tensions seemed to ease. bob joins us live with much more. >> this was a classic relief rally with historic highs in the s&p 500 but more than that, the highs in the mid cap and the small cap, the russell 2,000. this was a broad rally. we had roughly six to one declining. nine out of ten sectors in the s&p 500 were up. that's very unusual. health care was up as much as cyclical groups. a lot of traders assume the tension and the ukraine thing would go on a lot longer than this. it's not over obviously but there's a sense there's been a deescalation. the volatility dropped because of that. it shot from 14 to 16 yesterday and back to 14 today because even though it's unclear what the scope of the russian military action might be, an outright invasion of the whole country with tanks for example rolling into kiev looks unlikely. if this story stays relatively quiet tomorrow, the attention is going to quickly sh
was too much about him. larry king was like a piece of furniture. but piers made the show about him. and i think that when you do that, people really have to like you or they're going to really dislike you. >> i've heard kinder descriptions of larry. he was a good interviewer. >> he was a good interviewer. that's the point. >> i know. what about this notion, i mean, certainly, don lemon of cnn increasingly giving voice about what seemed to be liberal opinions. the whole idea of cnn becoming more opinionates. >> cable news is becoming more opinionated. cnn was on the low end of a survey done last year, 4r5%, but they seem to be going 340r and more in that direction. more people are getting the news from their phone. people want perspective. i think jeff zucker sees that and they want to give perspective on what's going on. >> briefly, joe, what was the show? piers morgan started out as a celebrity interviewer, they know but it never seemed to have quite an identity, did it? >> no. and that's a big key, howie. you have to have a specific brand as to what your show is. larry king had that. tv
to louis. >> did you see louis with larry david? we played the clip. >> oh, my gosh. >> so funny. so funny. >> larry davidson, we saw larry david twice. on friday at a party and on friday, mika is coming up. here, here, come here. he takes out a breath mint and he gives it to her. >> really? >> really. i'm thinking, okay, this is just sort of his move. this is what larry does. then on sunday, he's gone up to drops. hey, come here, come here. "vanity fair" party and mika is there. he goes, open your mouth. open your mouth. >> was it just mika or his thing? >> i think it was just mika. i did not see him do it to jennifer lawrence. >> that is weird. >> is that crazy? >> that is weird. >> weird. so i'm looking at the newspapers. de blasio is getting basically elbowed aside by the governor on this terrible, terrible idea that they are actually -- even talking about it at the "vanity fair" party, the so-called liberals not believing what de blasio is trying to do with some of the best functioning charter schools in minority neighborhoods in new york and they were talking about it. >> were they r
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. larry mcdonald, following what's at stake here. he's the senior director at new edge. great to have you with us. >> hello, michelle. >> it's melissa. >> you think of trades unwinding and how much has been put long the trade as opposed to short. and also, the structure products. structured around this one directional trade, which had been a one-direction trade. >> you think about it, when a central bank, in the fastest growing economy of the world is trying to slow that economy down and trying to actually cut down on speculation, it's a dangerous, almost unprecedented in the world. they're trying to slow down speculation. there's a lot of people playing the character aids. you could see an unwind because they're hurting companies in china that are highly leveraged. >> there's estimates that yuan shorts are around $500 billion. and the structured product that are leveraged to this particular bet. that could be about $150 billion. what's the ripple effects that we could be seeing? all of this is moving against somebody out there. >> i think the most compelling trade and situation, if you l
and larry o'connor host of morning on the mall and drive at 5:00 in washington, d.c. great to see both of you. >> hi, gretchen. >> kirsten, is this a problem for hillary clinton, especially the image of the reset button with the russian foreign minister? >> i don't think so. i don't think it really has that much to do with president obama, so i don't know how it could have anything to do with hillary clinton. >> in what way? >> that was about the relationship between the united states and russia, not about russia and the ukraine. what's going on between russia and ukraine was really nothing to do with the united states. putin wasn't going to stand by and do nothing regardless of who the president of the united states was. we're seen other confliblgts when george bush was president and they went into georgia. it's specific to that area. they wouldn't have not done what they did because of hillary clinton and barack obama. can you critique the response to it. as for what caused it, i don't think it had anything to do with the president or hillary. >> larry. >> i think hillary clinton can
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, the only thing i see are a few vintage luxury vehicles in the showroom. how you doing? i'm marcus. >> larry. nice to meet you. pleasure. >> nice to meet you, larry. >> pleasure. >> is this car for sale? >> yes, it is. >> how many miles on this? >> 2,400. it was restored. >> uh-huh. how many total cars on the lot? >> probably 20. >> total? >> total. >> 20 cars? 20 cars is more like a private collection than a used car dealership. a successful used car dealership is one that is built on having something for everyone. you have to have a wide array of price points, and a wide array of selection. is pete here? >> yeah, he's in his office. i'll take you. >> okay. >> pete. >> marcus. >> how you doing, buddy? >> pleasure. thank you for taking the time. >> absolutely. >> what did you think of the place when you first walked in? >> it's--it's--yeah. it's built out, that's for sure. >> this is my soul, i design, i architect. >> have you been in the car business a long time? >> no, i was only five years in the car business before i opened. i put everything i have in here in my soul and my bank account.
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over again. >> his real name is larry. >> is that true? >> larry berra. >> yogi has a better ring. >>> anyway, when we come back, an up-dale date on this morning's rebound. plus, did the weather put the brakes on auto nation's sales? mike jackson rolls out the results here on cnbc. and the prophet marcus lemonis has a big decision to make tonight. also, as we head to a break, take a look at yesterday's winners & losers. ♪ ok, how about thirty seconds? at comcast business our internet is fast. up to 5x faster than slow dsl from the phone company. and our phone's better too. sign up for internet and voice and find out how to get four weeks of internet for free. time to make the call. 800-501-6000 comcast business. built for business. predibut, manufacturings a prettin the united states do. means advanced technology. we learned that technology allows us to be craft oriented. no one's losing their job. there's no beer robot that has suddenly chased them out. the technology is actually creating new jobs. siemens designed and built the right tools and resources to get the job done. li
day that stands out for many was november 2008, when you saw victory party for democrat larry kissle, and some of the reaction from the congressional races in that state. >> yeah, that was sort of the -- that was the big moment in the state where the republicans have sort of said we've lost everything. we've lost the house, the senate race here, we've lost more than we've won and i think we're going to regroup and do something. over the next two years, they set out to really take over in the 2010 election, and they flipped i think it was 15 seats in the house, maybe ten in the senate. i can't remember the numbers now, they're in the story, but that was sort of the moment where everything changed here. it was after 140 years or so of the democrats having at least one side of the legislature, and most obvious they had the governor's mansion, too. >> what impact has the moral march or moral mondays had on the political dynamic? we've covered it extensively. you can imagine when people in your home state see the headline, that might not settle well, but the moral mondays has also set off
miles on every purchase, every day. what's in your wallet? i need your timesheets, larry! ukraine where a crowd of protesters blocked the car belonging to an u.n. envoy, robert suri, in crimea. james was there and tweeted throughout the entire incident. first, he tweeted the crowd chant, russia, russia, as u.n. envoy leaves coffee shop and scrambles into waiting car. finally, robert finally on his way to the airport. police having forced a way through an angry crowd. a tense situation there. well, there he goes. when it comes to the american handling of the ukrainian crisis, does america have a credibility problem itself? joining me is political analyst and washington post columnist eugene robinson. you have been writing well on this. i agree with everything you say. >> i appreciate it. >> i think it's one of those tricky cases where i thought the president went a little too far last friday. i think you disagreed with me last night on that. john kerry has a wonderful formality that seems somehow appropriate. he speaks in formal communekys naturally. >> what churchill said, it's always b
?arry? [announcer] a healthy dog is a playful dog. [dog] let's do this larry. [announcer] help him keep those muscles while he loses a few pounds with beneful healthy weight. de with wholesome rice,real c, even accents of vitamin rich ggies. it's calorie-smart and tastes so good. beneful healthy weight...from purina. >>> today's trivia winner is ron bishop. you are going to be getting a book. >> once upon a time mario andretti was on the show. it was legendary and epic. >>> are you tired of forking over your money for rent? then you might be ready to buy a house. >> author of find it, fix it, flip it joins us to tell us where it is cheaper to buy than rent. he joins us from los angeles. good morning to you. >> good morning. a survey done rent versus buy survey that takes into account three different factors which is interest rates going on right now, house prices, also, tax benefits, things like that to determine what cities, where it is cheaper to buy than rent. the first one we came up with and we will show you a great deal there is kansas city. let's take a look at this. this is a house i
economy and employment and capital doing well. had almost -- >> you sound like larry summers. >> it has 55 employees, right? >> it will have 100 by the summer. >> they will double their employment base and add measurably to the u.s. economic base. >> let's bring tim seymour into that conversation. what's on your radar today? >> one of the things we're going to do on "fast money" is our segment which is buy or bye-bye. i think there are 73 stocks in the s&p at 52-week highs. we know the market is strong. facebook is a classic example of that. what do you do here with a company that really has shown that they can monetize their mobile business and yet the valuation is very uncomfortable for a guy like me who is a value player? that's what we're trying to look at. i think you take profits. you trade in ranges, especially in places that have worked recently. the gold miners are another place that is an interesting place to be fading some of this. i don't think gold has found a level where it's ready to go higher. >> michael, i want to know generally speaking as people are going to sit back, ta
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